Seoul - Мережа Поліглот

Ласкаво просимо до Seoul мережі Поліглот!
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gaetan_cha profile picture gaetan_chaDecember 2016
je déménage à Séoul le 20 décembre pour 1 an. j'ai hâte
zinta profile picture zintaAugust 2016
hello i'm noob for this but i'll do my best!
jungeunkim profile picture jungeunkimAugust 2016
Im 27. I will go to France in october. So i want to make French friends and learn to French. And if you want to learn Korean, i can teach you. Send me a message!
Thank you
Jess111 profile picture Jess111July 2016
hi i can speak korean and i want to learn french and english. I'm studying french at my university. I'm interested about culture and i want to make friends. If you can teach me french or english and learn korean, please contact me.
BLUEJAY profile picture BLUEJAYJuly 2016
Guess I'm the only South Korean here that wants to learn Irish.
djwoo profile picture djwooJune 2016
Hello, there! This is Don in South Korea and my age is 23. I can speak English as well as Korean a litte bit, but I'd like to learn more advanced English conversation skill. If you can teach me and learn Korean, I'll help you, so contact me please.
sean72 profile picture sean72June 2016
Hello! guys! Im from Korea and Im an Security engineer. I wanna learning english. Who can teach English to me ? Im waitting for you.