Moscow - Мережа Поліглот

Напишіть своє місто

Ласкаво просимо до Moscow мережі Поліглот!

Welcome to Moscow!

М о с к в а ...К а к   м н о г о   в   э т о м   з в у к е

д л я   с е р д ц а   р у с с к о г о   с л и л о с ь .

К а к   м н о г о   в   н ё м   о т о з в а л о с ь 

Moscow... How much in this sound

for russian heart's been put together...

How much of greet from it...


Alexqc1990 profile picture Alexqc1990June 2019
Priviet. What months of the year are best for visiting Moscow ?
Alya_mi profile picture Alya_miFebruary 2014
Hello! Could you help me to write a sentence in correct form? She has illed because she didn’t wear a hat ( I don't know which a time we must use: Simple Past or Present Perfect Cont?) Thank you!
macmah911 profile picture macmah911August 2013
I need a hot chick!
macmah911 profile picture macmah911August 2013
any hot russian single girls wanna date?