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Welcome to Moscow!

М о с к в а ...К а к   м н о г о   в   э т о м   з в у к е

д л я   с е р д ц а   р у с с к о г о   с л и л о с ь .

К а к   м н о г о   в   н ё м   о т о з в а л о с ь 

Moscow... How much in this sound

for russian heart's been put together...

How much of greet from it...

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Alexqc1990 profile picture Alexqc1990June 2019
Priviet. What months of the year are best for visiting Moscow ?
Alya_mi profile picture Alya_miFebruary 2014
Hello! Could you help me to write a sentence in correct form? She has illed because she didn’t wear a hat ( I don't know which a time we must use: Simple Past or Present Perfect Cont?) Thank you!
macmah911 profile picture macmah911August 2013
I need a hot chick!
macmah911 profile picture macmah911August 2013
any hot russian single girls wanna date?