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how can I pronounce доброе утор ( dobraye utra) (dobroye utra)?
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Доброе утро! This is the correct spelling of the phrase.

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Most Russians (whether they think they do or not), do not pronounce this phrase in a distinctive manner, one @ which the adjective "доброе" is crisply and fully enunciated; while the spelling suggests a pronunciation of [dO-bro-ye] (stress on first syllable), most Russians are content to say simply [dO-bruh].

As for part two of the phrase, i.e., "утро", the "classic" Muscovite pronunciation is [OO-truh] (stress on first syllable). The phonemic "value" of the final letter, i.e., "o", varies across different regions of Russia -- and there a re LOTS of different regions. But generally this phrase, which means -- as I'm sure you already know -- "good morning" (in English) is pronounced "dO-bruh OO-truh". Some Russians might dispute this but if they do, THEY ARE WRONG, yo.

- exRanger

PS: and yeas, as @mikkilinn points out, the phrase, spelled CORRECTLY, is "доброе утро".