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how can I pronounce доброе утор ( dobraye utra) (dobroye utra)?
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mikkilinn profile picture mikkilinn先月

Доброе утро! This is the correct spelling of the phrase.

exRanger profile picture exRanger先月
Most Russians (whether they think they do or not), do not pronounce this phrase in a distinctive manner, one @ which the adjective "доброе" is crisply and fully enunciated; while the spelling suggests a pronunciation of [dO-bro-ye] (stress on first syllable), most Russians are content to say simply [dO-bruh].

As for part two of the phrase, i.e., "утро", the "classic" Muscovite pronunciation is [OO-truh] (stress on first syllable). The phonemic "value" of the final letter, i.e., "o", varies across different regions of Russia -- and there a re LOTS of different regions. But generally this phrase, which means -- as I'm sure you already know -- "good morning" (in English) is pronounced "dO-bruh OO-truh". Some Russians might dispute this but if they do, THEY ARE WRONG, yo.

- exRanger

PS: and yeas, as @mikkilinn points out, the phrase, spelled CORRECTLY, is "доброе утро".