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🕒 How do we Express the Future in Portuguese?


Dria profile picture DriaViime kuukausi
There are two kinds of future but the more comon is the “futuro simples”. You need just to know the conjugation. Normaly end:: rei, rás, rá, remos, reis, rão.
  • GabrielOfficial profile picture GabrielOfficial11 tuntia sitten
    The ”futuro simples” is quite simple, it can be used to say that something will happen but you don’t know when. It can be in a few minutes or in some years. But a more used and popular pronunciation of this terms is like this example: ”Eu vou ao Brasil” instead ”Eu irei ao Brasil”
  • joao_ferna profile picture joao_fernaViime kuukausi
    I’m Brazilian we used ”I’m gonna cook ..../ Eu vou cozinhar/caminhar/andar/passear.
    The Infinitive verbs end with ”ar”