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Expressions with colors

do you know some expressions or idioms using colors in Portuguese? like in English, I feel blue, or in French "avoir la main verte"...

please complete this lesson :

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watashiwo profile picture watashiwoFebruary 2021

Yeah, there are some, but most of them aren’t used often:


Carta branca = to give permission to someone do something in the way he/she wants.

Te dou carta branca para preparar minha festa de aniversário

I give you permission to prepare my birthday party the way you want to.


Branco de medo = to be really scared, shocked

Ela viu um fantasma e ficou branca

She saw a ghost and got scared (shocked)


Tremer como vara verde = to be afraid, to be anxious, nervous, tense

Quando ele ouviu o cachorro latir, tremeu como vara verde

When he heard the dog barking, he got tense (afraid, anxious, nervous)


Verde de fome = really hungry

Eu estou verde de fome!

I’m really hungry!


Sinal verde = to have someone's permission to do something

Ela me deu sinal verde para concluir meu trabalho

She gave me permission to conclude my work


Verdinhas = money (well, it can also mean marijuana)

Passa pra cá as verdinhas!
Gimme the Money!


Sorriso amarelo = a fake smile (when you don’t want to be socially unpolite or show that you don’t agree with somebody, but you HAVE to agree ‘cuz of the situation)

Ele deu um sorriso amarelo quando o chefe estava criticando seu trabalho na frente de todos.

He faked a smile when his boss was dissing his work in front of everybody.


Amarelar = to be afraid

Ela estava quase saltando do avião, mas amarelou e não saltou.

She was about to jump off the airplane, but she got afraid and didn’t jump off.


Sangue azul = da nobreza

Eu tenho sangue azul!

I’m noble!


Tudo azul = everything’s ok

Comigo está tudo azul

I’m ok


Estar no vermelho = don’t have money.

Ela está no vermelho

She has no money


Planeta vermelho = Mars

O planeta vermelho é lindo

Mars is beautiful


Cartão vermelho = be expelled, sent away

Tomei cartão vermelho da empresa

The company fired me


Tapete vermelho = be well welcomed

Eles me receberam com tapete vermelho e tudo

They welcomed me very well


Ficar Vermelho = get blushed or get angry (depend on the context)

A calça dele caiu, ele ficou vermelho de vergonha

His pants fell down he got blushed (of embarrassment)


Ele saiu vermelho de raiva do consultório

He got out really angry from the doctor’s office


Roxo de raiva = extremely angry

Não fale com ela, ela tá roxa de raiva

Don’t talk to her, she’s extremely angry



Vida cor de rosa / óculos cor de rosa= the same meaning as in English = rose-colored glasses  


The next expressions are RACIST ‘cuz they are linking the black color with wrong / bad things.


Lista negra = blacklist - has the same meaning as in English


Ovelha negra = the odd one, rebel (in a bad way)

Você é a ovelha negra da família

You’re the rebel one in this family


Mercado negro = where someone can buy illegal things

Eu comprei esse Playstation 15 no mercado negro pela metade do preço

I bought Playstation 15 half priced illegally


A coisa tá preta = things will get worse

A coisa tá preta entre eles, melhor eu ir embora

Things are getting worse between them, I’d better go away


Humor negro = morbid humor


  • Daessell profile picture DaessellMay 2021
    ’Eu comprei esse Playstation 15 no mercado negro pela metade do preço’ kkkkkk
  • eliandra_v profile picture eliandra_vMarch 2021
    Concordo com JacksondeJesus. Pra evitar constrangimentos com os usos é bom alertar sobre o teor racista sim. Mas também achei as lembranças das expressões excelentes. O repertório está bem rico.
Rivaryan profile picture RivaryanDecember 2020
In Brazilian Portuguese, we don’t have expressions of feelings for colors like blue. In some places, if you say you are green(tô verde), and rub your belly, some people may understand that you are hungry. But this is not very common.Tô verde is a compressed version of the expression I’m green.
I’m >>Estou
Green >>verde
To be clearer, you can be among friends and say ”I’m green with hunger. Shall we get a snack?”>>translation>>Estou verde de fome, vamos pegar um lanche?”
olivio_targino profile picture olivio_targinoFai 3 semanas
Vermelho de raiva: A lot of angry.
Ele está vermelho de raiva por causa da derrota!
He's extremaly angry because of defeat.