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Hallo! Sie stellen ihnen eine bessere Zukunft vor. Ist das richtig? (they imagine a better future/tomorrow...)
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Duc_ profile picture Duc_3 weeks ago
If the english phrase is meant to be the correct one, it isn’t. Instead use ”Sie stellen sich eine bessere Zukunft vor”.

There are many reflective verbs in German. ”Vorstellen” means to introduce somebody. ”Sich vorstellen” means ”to imagine”, that is, to imagine in one’s OWN mind. That’s the reason for the ’sich’. With dativ case!
Ich stelle MIR vor,
du stellst DIR vor,
er/sie/es stellt SICH vor, etc.

Complete for training, if you like.
If one says ”Ich stelle MICH vor, he wants to introduce himself and not imagine any futures or pasts or anything else in HIS brains.
  • arissleaze profile picture arissleaze3 weeks ago
    Thank you very much for the response! I totally forgot the reflexive pronoun of ”sie” is ”sich”. For a moment i thought it was ihnen..