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Hello, could you explain please what is the difference between ”at the park ” and ”in the park ” ?


AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBgAugust 2021
Check this lesson:

It will give you the general difference between ”at” and ”in”.
SFHandyman profile picture SFHandymanAugust 2021
”at the park” You could be just near the park or actually inside of the park.
”In the park” You are actually inside of the park boundaries.
cgonzalezesq profile picture cgonzalezesqYesterday
At is more gneralized, and could denote you are in front of the park. You could be near the park, or beside any portion of the park. In the park denotes you are in fact within the confines of the park, meaning the land of the park itself.
JessieLucy profile picture JessieLucy3 days ago
in and at kind of mean the same thing. However, at could be used as more of a broad sense like if you are driving/walking somewhere and you say I’m at the park now, as in you’ve just gotten to that landmark. In is usually used when you’re actually inside the park.