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How to use 'the'


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exRanger profile picture exRangerOctober 2019
A very brief a question with an incredibly BIG answer. Hmm... probably best to address this topic in stages.

In the English language:

1. Word "the" is what's called an "article".
2. In English there are two types of articles: 'definite' and 'indefinite'.
3. Word "the" is 'definite'.

Are you still with me, Mxmachine? If yes, we'll continue on to the next stage of the anlysis.
  • Berlusconi profile picture BerlusconiOctober 2019
    The is a definite article. We use it

    * when the counterpart understand what we're talking about:
    I met a man yesterday on my way home; The man was so embarrassing.
    Note: the is used the second time because we already mentioned 'man' with an indefinite article.

    * We also use the with titles without names.
    We have a long meeting with the President
    President MACRON must deliver a speech soon.

    * We use the with things which are unique(only one exists)
    The sun, the moon, the Alps, the read sea, etc.