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How do you say in English: "La bave du crapaud n'atteint pas la blanche colombe"
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exRanger profile picture exRangerOctober 2019

I've given the mattersome thought and had a brief conveersation w/ my brother, an esteemed linguist, and we've come up with a few "rough" equivalents, in English, but bear in mind there is no "perfectly aligned" English expression for the French proverb:

1. Do right and fear no man.
2. True blue will never stain.
3. A good heart cannot lie.
4. A good name is better than a good girdle. (note: this one is sort'a obsolete)

Hope one or more than one of these is useful to you. -exR
exRanger profile picture exRangerOctober 2019

I'll give this one some thought, but the expression "The slobber of the toad does not reach the white dove." is NOT a (common) expression in American or British (English) usage. I think it might be Indian (as in Hindified) "English" -- native to a point but fraught w/ what are interesting, but unrepresentative, idomaticisms.
Evelynmparrot profile picture EvelynmparrotOctober 2019

Hei, here is your answer:

The slobber of the toad does not reach the white dove

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