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Hello I want to learn English well what are the most important lessons used to learn
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exRanger profile picture exRangerSeptember 2019
Hm, that's a mighty BIG question, Youssef. The "best" answer to your question might be more easily considered if you included some notion of your English-knowledge "need(s)", e.g., for travel, education, employment (advancement), relocation to an English-speaking nation (watch out and keepyour head down if it's The US or UK), etc.
HyaSky profile picture HyaSkySeptember 2019
Focus on spelling. English isn't phonemic (words often don't sound how they are spelled), and writing with correct spelling will distinguish you as a good English speaker. In school in the USA, many English speakers can't even spell correctly. Your spelling is good, though! Also, learn punctuation. Spelling and punctuation are most important to appear fluent in written English. Word order is more open, but it will take time to learn all the different options for word order, so focus on SVO word order for now.

Buy some basic English lesson books for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Grammar is really important to understand in English, because we don't have genders for nouns, and we only have three cases for words (eg: He, him, his). It's all about prepositions (from, for, with, to, about, by) in English.
l_mas6 profile picture l_mas6September 2019
If you asked me start with main grammars. Verb Be, tenses, and how to write a completed sentence by subject+verb+object. After that start by higher levels and write too much... I hope it was helpful.
amirbahrami profile picture amirbahramiOctober 2019

1.Buy a good dictionary(if you want paper-based dictionary) or you can use online versions.

2.Internet is the best resource to learn the languages, youtube, skype,reddit,quora,scientific articles, magazines(if you like), games!(the best way to learn the languages at a basic level)...

3.Buy collocations/phrasal verbs books, buy grammar book, buy vocabulary books, buy writing book(either academic or general),examination practice books (toefl-ielts , gre, sat may practice those if you plan living in an English speaking nation,story books and novels(if you like them) website, on that website you can "listen"write"read and memorize words and phrases, it's an amazing website,it's corpus-based dictionary website with exercises on it. For example I want to learn and master the word "catalyst" , so I'll look up for its definition on the website and then add it to my learning program and do lots of fill in the gap and spell exercises to master it. It features an spoken audio that you can use it as you go, it works just like a radio, you turn it on and hear the exact proununciation of each word from the corpus-based resources. to focus on phrasal verbs.

amirbahrami profile picture amirbahramiOctober 2019

Imitation. Try to memorize and use phrases that native English speakers use, and also collocations, for example if you look at the comments around in this question, you can see a few words that come together: easily considered, relocation to an English-speaking nation, keep your head down(idiomatic expression) etc.. memorize all of these and use them elsewhere.If you want to sound advanced and more native-like learner, you should put a great effort on learning collocations and phrasal verbs and learning vocabulary. use this website learn vocabulary very fast(as you can see, I didn't say very quick. because it doesn't sound natural to use it here in this context) website: To improve your speaking skills, you need to both speak and write, there is mystery about writing, you write and and it will help you speak coherently, so write more , you can also write here in this club to get your writing corrected. In another comment I'll show you a few pathways to learn fast.