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What do you think should be improved on the PolyglotClub website?

Please report bugs or post improvement suggestions.

Requests with the more votes will be developed first!

Please be as more SPECIFIC as possible. laugh

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victor_onl profile picture victor_onlSeptember 2019

Hi, Vincent. Thanks a lot for the web-site.

Now we can see there is a lot of improvements here. 
It would be nice and more convinient for some users to improve some items as:
1) It's not possible to view an own profile. One must be not logged in to see own profile, and only as a guest, but if one loged in he has only a cappability to edit own profile but not view. 

2) It's reffering to first one, but it's about voices for the comments in Corrections section. If one loged in he cannot see how many voices he has, but if logged out it's possible to see as a guest. Here are some screenshots about it: 

Logged in : 

Logged out: 



Thanks a lot for the great work you've already done!


KseniiaSoleil profile picture KseniiaSoleilAugust 2019
please add the possibility to attach the files or photos to a message in the chatbox, thanks a lot
  • YoBlackBlack profile picture YoBlackBlackSeptember 2019
    Aloha. = Здравствуйте.

    I think that if you in cooperate a attach file feature within your text message will need a security filter to reduce the spread of malware from the PolyglotClub Web site users.

    Mahalo a nui loa. = Большое Вам спасибо.
mahdi1 profile picture mahdi1August 2019
first of all
thank you for your site
it's great but it can be better as you're doing
let me say my ideas for improving your site
I strongly believe your site needs one on line dictionary like Google translate
2:you need one thing like delivery report in applications for mails
send, delivered, read,...
3: I can't write one line with 2 languages
while I wanna write one English word in a Persian line , all words will tumble
4:there are a lot of people who wanna cheating others (I know I can spam them , but after I report they can still disturbing us)

and in final
your site is great and thanks again
  • mahdi1 profile picture mahdi1September 2019
    one another thing
    please make a searching part on base on name, country, ....
    as you know Tajikistan was part of Soviet and now it's an independent country
    its formal language is Russian but they are speaking Persian
    for the guys like me in Iran who wanna learn Russian a friend from Tajikistan is a very good opportunity.
    but as I can't search I couldn't find them.
    I am sure there are the other countries like Tajikistan with 2 or 3 languages.
    I know there is a find friend part in this site, but it doesn't work as fine as a searching part.