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About meI can assist and help you diligently with your American-English homework and acquisition language, and linguistic skills. Please do the same for me. I need and want to be a professor and political economic foreign language persuasive and argumentative comparative analyst writer to improve social and welfare conditions of people and animals and the environment, and outer space. I am seeking to befriend you for public information about your country and native languages, natural resources, science-technology, government, laws, law enforcement, agriculture, constitutional laws, bill of rights. civil rights violations, and opposition groups and domestic (health insurance policies and constitutions and civil rights policies and domestic policies and international policies and corruption and environment) and economics (natural resources and trade and currency exchange and consumer price index) and linguistics (language diversity) and agriculture (organic plant propagation) and aviation (flight and airframe, and powerplant mechanics technology) and armaments (sales). Please note that each star within my profile page represent 1,000 words and sentences within your native language within my profile page. There should be a Cat and Dog or Pet or Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal or Family Animal in every home or business to reduce, and/or stop homelesses or euthanasia them. There should be government tax polices as a standard tax dedection for the cost of having a Cat and Dog or Pet or Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal or Family Animal in your home or business and a historical necessity to maintain the security balance of human species and life, and outer space exploration.

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