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About meAloha. My pseudonym name is YoBlackBlack or you can call me YoBlack or BlackBlack or Black or Yo. Nice to meet you. Please no plagiarizing. You can always find me in the PolyglotClub text Chat Room. I am an easy going diligent serious academic educational acquisition studious student that is a foreign language interpreter and translator in social science and science and technology and a research assistance aide analyst in training. We can assist and help each other with our native acquisition language skills exchange and public information about our nations social science domestic and international issues and problems and to solve them as civic citizens of the world. You need a recent facial picture of yourself and personal and professional information for the public to study and learn about you within your PolyglotClub Web site profile page. Than we can have an academic educational social talk and culture exchange and literature exchange and an acquisition language skills exchange study session dual lessons schedule appointment plan once a week for 1 hour and 50 minutes. We must both provide our own study and learning material, i.e. textbooks or Web sites within our own study session dual lessons. The first 50 minutes study session lesson will be the American-English language. We will take a 10 minutes break for our brain and mind and body, and spirit to relax and think. The second 50 minutes study session lesson will be any of the foreign languages within my profile page. We will utilize text and voice and share screen and share white board and webcam features on Google Inc Web site. As an example Google Hangouts Chat Room free application program. You need a GMail account address name and to download the Google Hangouts Chat Room App to enter Google Hangouts Chat Room. Please inform me of the date and day, and time zone in your country to begin ASAP. Thank you very much...God Bless You.

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