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About meAloha kākou. Nice to meet you all. Please no plagiarizing. My name is Yo and I am an easy going very serious academic educational studious student and tutor and teacher, and social science research assistance aide and 1 day will be a professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa navigating with multiple departments. You are scarring me online or offline, because there is no recent facial picture of your face and personal or professional information on your PolyglotClub Web site profile page. I do not like to communicate with people online and they do not have recent facial picture of your face and personal or professional information about them within their profile page, and a recent facial picture. I need and want a very serious academic educational analytical comparative polyglot studious student or tutor or teacher or professor, and/or researcher a that is associated at a college or university in your country for 1 to 5 days a week of text and voice and share screen and webcam features on PolyglotClub Chat Room, and/or Google Hangouts Chat Room for social talk and culture exchange and literature exchange and language exchange with studying and reviewing and practicing and learning and retaining and mastering at least with 7 different people from my profile page list of foreign languages. You need a GMail account address name to enter the Google Hangouts Chat Room. The first 50 minutes study session lessons will be the American-English language. We can take a 10 minutes break that is good for the brain and mind and body and spirit to relax and think. The second 50 minutes study session lessons will be your native language. We must have our own academic educational material to start the culture and literature, and language exchange process. We can add each other as friends if you have a recent facial picture of your face and information about you within your profile page, and after having at least 1,000 sessions. After knowing thet yo

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