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About meAloha. You can call me Yo. Nice to meet you. I am a studious academic educational student, tutor, teacher, and social science and science and technology comparative analytical analysis researcher developer. I am here for a study session dual lessons acquisition language skills exchange schedule appointment plan on Google Hangouts Chat Room. The first 50 minutes study session dual lessons will be the American-English language. We will take a 10 minutes break that is good for our brain and mind and body to relax, and think. The second 50 minutes study session dual lessons will be your native language. You need a GMail account address name to entry Google Hangouts Chat Room. Please send me personal and professional public information about yourself and the date, day, time language exchange proposal. I prefer an academic educational language exchange partner interest are accounting, air, agriculture, aquaculture, armaments, astronomy, aviation flight, aviation mechanics, biology, business, chemistry, computers, economics, education, human resources, law, linguistics, political science, mathematics, management, mechanics, medicine, metrology, music, nano technology, networks, new materials, psychology, security, statistics, social justice, veterinarian science, water, Web master, writing.

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