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how to speak English directly with native speaker
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Are you seeking suggestions for establishing a language exchange with a native English speaker(s)? If yes, there are, at this site, many members who are nativ-English speakers from America and UK, possibly also Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and maybe a few other nations. If you're looking for advice on "which native-English speaker" type to seek, you must understand that there is a variety of accents re: the nations I've listed, though American and Canadian are similar, as are Australian & New Zealand (though they'll rarely admit it). English speakers from the UK fall (broadliy) into three categories: England, Ireland, and Scotland, each with a unique accent. (I know: I excluded Wales, but I'm going to hazard the guess that this language exchange board membership "N" of Welsh is low). So, maybe go to YouTube, dial up "English Speakers of different countries", have a listen to the accents, the vocabularies, etc., and decide which "style" (version?) suits you best....

- An American In France
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We can speak English with natives speakers like everywhere. The best is wihout error. Could you precise the context ?
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