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Languages: English Français

The pronunciation of the R in English can be quite challenging, especially since there are significant differences between the pronunciation of R in American English and British English. To help you master this tricky sound, we've prepared a series of videos for you to watch and practice along with. Simply repeat each phrase, record yourself using a microphone, and compare your version to the original sound. This will allow you to improve your pronunciation and exercise your musical ear. 🎤

Once you've completed this lesson on how to pronounce R, you might also be interested in exploring other related topics, such as our guide on how to pronounce H or learning more about how to pronounce THE. Additionally, you can check out this Lingualia Review 2022 - English for more resources and tips on improving your English pronunciation. Happy learning! 📚

American English[edit | edit source]

British English[edit | edit source]

Different English accents[edit | edit source]

This video is very funny. It will show you the diversity of English accents.

Videos[edit | edit source]

How to Pronounce r and l in English - YouTube[edit | edit source]

How to pronounce the 'R' sound in English: Tips & Practice - YouTube[edit | edit source]

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