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How offen I mast to told with some one...if i whant speak English language free? It depends on me or not? It possible meet some one hear, ho halp me with this? Or I need make it alone
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I have "corrected" your query (see below), perhaps it will be more effective in making/establishing contact and inviting the interest of English-language "experts" (like me) to assist you in your desire to advance your English language skills. here we go:

How offen should I expect to meet and practice speaking English with a fluent (native) English speaker? I supposeitt depends on my goals and the level of expertise I wish to achieve, yes? How do I proceed in meeting at this site someone who can assist me with my English language learning and practice?

> The answer to your question, as already pointed out, is to used the SEARCH FUNCTION, identify members of this community interested in exchaning (native fluency level) English for YOUR TEACHING LANGUAGE (I'll assume Russian, правилно?), and choose which member(s) to contact from the resulting "list" of members. В самом делео, процесс есть очень легко, Мила.
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Hi, to answer your question there is no straight answer. But it takes determination, passion and dedication to progress.

Yes a friend to help improve your language is very useful but also watching videos and self taught material helps too that doesen't cost anything. I wish you well in your desire to learn english and never give up.

English correction
How offen I must I be told with some one...if i want to speak English language free? It depends on me or not? Is it It possible to meet someone hear, to help me with this? Or I need to learn it alone?
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