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What the different between "are you coming tonight?" and "are you coming over tonight?"?
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CanadianPenpal profile picture CanadianPenpalFebruary 2013

"Are you coming over tonight" is usually if you are asking people if they will be visiting your home. You can also say "Are you coming tonight" because you can assume that they understand you are talking about visiting your home.

But if you are asking people if they are going to go to an event with you, like the movie theatre, then you should say "are you coming tonight". You wouldn't say "are you coming over tonight". This is basically the difference.

There are other examples and special situations, but I think this is enough information for now so it's not too confusing.

  • CorpusThyge profile picture CorpusThygeAugust 2017
    Damn thats was a good explanation even if i already knew the meaning of both of them i couldnt explained better than you, kudos!
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Great explication! Thanks!