Text from Ksenia200 - English

  • Teaching

    • First, I'd like to introduce myself.
    • My name is Ksenia. I'm 20.
    • I live in a small town called Ivanovo.I recently graduated from Ivanovo state University.
    • My specialty is sociology. during my training, I realized that I was not very interested in sociology.
  • I would like to become a foreign language teacher.
    • The teaching profession has always been considered one of the most honorable, but at the same time difficult.
  • Being a teacher means taking on a lot of responsibility.
    • I would like to become a teacher, because I would be interested in working with children, learning their psychology.
    • I really love children and can find an approach to almost everyone.
    • Teaching foreign languages attracts me because I have been interested in languages, especially English, since childhood.
    • I have always been interested in how foreigners think, what their worldview is, and so on.
    • I would like to share my experience with my students, share my knowledge with them, and give them wise advice.
    • My goals are also to master various teaching methods, professional growth, and the development of pedagogical abilities.
    • I hope that I will become a good teacher and pedagogy will become my credo.
    • That's all I wanted to say