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Text from velardn - English

    • Graffiti is an art form that should be respected and admired.

    • Today it is generally agreed that graffiti is vandalism.
    • But is this really the case?
    • There are those who say that art has lots of different forms and graffiti is a special art.
    • This form of art is becoming more and more popular.
    • As for me, I accept every kind of art.
    • First of all, graffiti is the same expression of feelings and emotions for people.
    • This is contemporary art that has the right to exist.
    • Second, it reflects the problems of the modern world: bad ecology, wars, murders, etc. At the same time, people think that graffiti is only vandalism, defacing public property with useless paintings.
    • Of course, some artists write only indecent words that do not bring any benefit to society.
  • I disagree with this point of view.
    • Many people attach too much importance to impact on youth.
    • These people strongly believe that a gallery is a single place for art.
    • It would be good, if we can have special places for graffiti.
    • Graffiti by talented artists only decorate the city.
  • In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that tastes differ.
    • I hope to see more graffiti in my city.
    • We must find art in all things.