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Welcome to Ireland Polyglot Network!

Welcome to Polyglot Ireland Network.

Hi there, welcome to our polyglot network. Here you can find people from all over Ireland, to exchange languages knowledge. Can you imagine a better way of learning or improving another language than making new friends? I don't think so.

So that's why we are here. To learn, to teach, to make friends, meet people, have fun!!!!

Update your profile, choose the languages you would like to learn. Let us know which ones you could teach, browse for people all around the world to talk.

Check out for meetings and travel opportunities. Be there. And most of all enjoy all the greatness a new language has to offer.

Welcome, and enjoy!


Ives Reynolds (country administrator)

MERRYFAELLE profile picture MERRYFAELLEMay 2016
Look at events
MERRYFAELLE profile picture MERRYFAELLEMay 2016
Venez Jeudi 19 mai 2016 pour partager une conversation Fifty- Fifty en Français et en Anglais autour d'un verre.
Come in Thursday The 19thof May 2016 to share A conversation while having A drink
Every body is welcome and it is Free , apart from The drink of course.
francirlei profile picture francirleiJuly 2013
francirlei profile picture francirleiJuly 2013
pmacme profile picture pmacmeJanuary 2013
If anybody is interested in free online English classes. There is a company offering some tomorrow at . You can sign up on the right side of the page
garrysandison profile picture garrysandisonSeptember 2012
Que pensez-vous de la méthode suivante d'apprendre l'allemand : regarder la télévision allemande avec le sous-titrage également en allemand? Il est vrai que ces UNTERTITEL sont là pour sourds et malentendants allemands, mais moi je trouve que cela rend l'allemand beaucoup plus facile à comprendre.
dim-dim profile picture dim-dimAugust 2012

Hello, I can help you with English and Russian ( I'm a native Russian speaker). Besides, I suggest culture exchange. You can find me here

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