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Con_Suelo_ profile picture Con_Suelo_   

Hi, everybody! I'll be very glad to help with german, english, russian and also will be pretty to learn estonian, significantly improve spanish!

    July 2012
  • silvia_eli profile picture silvia_eli   
    I an help with spanish
      March 2019
  • krissuke profile picture krissuke   
    i can help u with estonian
      September 2012
silvia_eli profile picture silvia_eli   
I want to improve my english, in exchange i can help with italian and spanish
    March 2019
EVA_AVE profile picture EVA_AVE   
I would like to learn Estonian, I can help you with English, French, Russian if you need.
    January 2017
Irusa profile picture Irusa   

Hello people! Talk with me in english! I'll be very glad to learn it. Can help with russian))

    October 2012
krissuke profile picture krissuke   
Hello people ! I can help you with russian . estonian and i want learn english
    September 2012
julyesz profile picture julyesz   



    August 2009