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Welcome to Shanghai Polyglot Network!

Yes, we are Polyglot in Shanghai, and we are trying to make it as good as in Paris, so if you want to speak English, French, Spanish or even a dialect in someplace, come to join us. No matter you are an expat or local people, everyone is welcomed.

We are holding weekly meeting in Shanghai, so please check our meeting notice to get the latest news. And if you have any good idea or any good place to hold meeting, just feel free to tell us.

Welcome to Polyglot Shanghai, and looking forward to seeing all polygloters!

Sean Jiang @ Shanghai


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  • Serenally profile picture SerenallyMarch 2013
    How long have you been in Shanghai?Still here now?(你来上海多久了?现在还在上海吗?)
Vicky0521 profile picture Vicky0521February 2014
Hi~I'd like to!
xuchengyu profile picture xuchengyuJanuary 2014
There you want to learn Chinese , I want to learn English, I can teach him Chinese
JacekGora profile picture JacekGoraDecember 2013
你好 上海人!

我 是Jacek. 我是波兰人. 我学中文。

Feel free to contact me. I would to correspond with chinese native speakers.
Skype-talking is possible as well.

My skype nick is jbergmann192

再见 !