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Welcome to Shanghai Polyglot Network!

Yes, we are Polyglot in Shanghai, and we are trying to make it as good as in Paris, so if you want to speak English, French, Spanish or even a dialect in someplace, come to join us. No matter you are an expat or local people, everyone is welcomed.

We are holding weekly meeting in Shanghai, so please check our meeting notice to get the latest news. And if you have any good idea or any good place to hold meeting, just feel free to tell us.

Welcome to Polyglot Shanghai, and looking forward to seeing all polygloters!

Sean Jiang @ Shanghai


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songmilan profile picture songmilanNovember 2012
hello,everybody~I hope we help each other,I can help you with chinease and korean~~I want to stady English well
JesseLee profile picture JesseLeeNovember 2012
Somebody Help!Who can help my English, my English is very very very terrible. T,.T
picture654 profile picture picture654October 2012
My email is picture654picture654 profile picture
picture654 profile picture picture654October 2012
I am looking for english partner.
aliciatan86 profile picture aliciatan86October 2012
Hi Im Alicia Tan looking for spanish italian and french exchage.I can help for chinese thai and english thank you.
Flowerpants profile picture FlowerpantsOctober 2012
nobody? my skype id : cjy930223 China...u can add me if u interested...
Flowerpants profile picture FlowerpantsOctober 2012
I'm new here...wanna find foreign frds or anyone speak & love english...and i need a german teacher...plsssss~~~
lian5410 profile picture lian5410October 2012
Hello,I am a Chinese .I want learn English from all of you! I hope we can hepe with each other!