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Cloudia profile picture CloudiaDecember 2013
  • Cloudia profile picture CloudiaDecember 2013
    I like language and music,earth is big family,and music is recognized as the common language of all mankind.I want studu English, I can teach Chinese. We can study each other,and good luck to every friend here.
  • Cloudia profile picture CloudiaDecember 2013
    Hi, I'm Cloudia,I'm come from Chinese. I am very happy to study language in here
nusretcakin profile picture nusretcakinDecember 2013
i want to learn chiness
pujia_yan profile picture pujia_yanNovember 2013
JESSICACHOU profile picture JESSICACHOUNovember 2013
你好,李涛!我是Jessie. 很高兴认识你,看来你的汉语是相当不错了,能正确书写一大段汉语。汉语文字真的是太复杂了,你是个了不起的人!



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