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All the POLYGLOT members are welcome to Shengyang. During my trip to Yunnan I met the Shenyang Shiliang school director who is welcoming Polyglot members to visit.

Here is a message from Roro (Roro627) and Crystal who are both working in the school :

Welcome to Shenyang Shiliang school !!

A lot of cultural thinks can be learned there: chinese alphabetic writing, Chinese words, China folk song, National dance, China hand work, Ancient Chinese prose or classical Chinese (Baijiaxing, Sanzijng, Tangshi etc)

The foreigner can study these with Chinese teacher.

On the other way, the foreigner can do a part time teacher, teach Chinese student study English.

Sometimes we hold a party in our school, sometimes  we can go to the TV station join in the activity. We know  foreigners like the place of historical interest. So we arrange them visit our palace (Qing dynasty ‘ s  source) Cemetery of  royal family (The first emperor ‘s  mausoleum of Qing dynasty ) Ancient tower Ancient temple. They can take many photos when they dress on the ancient clothes. 


Shenyang presentation

Shenyang  is  a  big  city  and  very  famous  in  China. Because  it  has  a  long  history . I  think  before  this  time  you  know  Beijing’s  palace .  Shenyang  has  another  palace  and  it  is  older  than  Beijing’s.  The  palace  has established  whose  named  Huangtaijing  in Qing dynasty.    So  if  you  like travel , please come  here  it  is  very beautiful  and  splendid. Every  year  my  hometown  Shenyang  hold    a  big  performance .  Performer  dress  on  the  imitation  clothes. They  looks    like  came  from  anther  period .  From  this  performance  you  will  know  our  history ,  clothes and ornaments  culture ,  food culture.

amani123 profile picture amani123April 2017
hi blue~
i can teach you native chinese~
and i also need a native english help me~
blue15rose profile picture blue15roseFebruary 2014
Hi everyone! I need some help in Mandarin Chinese, since it is very important for my future. I speak very incoherently and I need your help
Ningjing profile picture NingjingJanuary 2013
Hi everyone!Happy new year! I would like to help foreign students in Shenyang to know more about this city, people who live here and know more about china. If you want to make friends with my friends and me, if you want to learn Chinese, if you want to know more about China, don't hesitate to contact me.
  • Valehuxley profile picture ValehuxleyApril 2013
    你好 I'm an Italian student and I've been in Shenyang since march...I really want to know Chinese people to improve Chinese language
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