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Serenally profile picture SerenallyMarch 2013
who can help me to improve my english?
  • nusretcakin profile picture nusretcakinJanuary 2014
    hello how are you we can be learn together if you want to talk with me i am turkish also i am learning inglisg end chinese
  • xuyy profile picture xuyyMarch 2013
    I also want to learn English well , maybe we can usually have chat and improve together
WisconsinAlex profile picture WisconsinAlexSeptember 2013
你好, 我叫李涛. 我是美国人. 我很感兴趣学习普通话. 如果有谁想学,我可以教英文. 我也是很有兴趣学习了解中国文化和历史. 请随时给我写信! 谢谢你.
  • Tianguang profile picture TianguangDecember 2013



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