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¡Bienvenidos! Welcome! добро пожаловать!

A la red de Chile en Polyglot!


Mi nombre es Kasbeel.

Soy administrador de la Red de Chile en Polyglot, cualquier duda o consulta me pueden enviar un mensaje.

My name is Kasbeel.

I'm Chile Polyglot Network administrator, any questions or queries, please send me a message.

меня зовут  Kasbeel.

Я администратор де Polyglot сети Чили, какие-либо вопросы или запросы, я могу опубликовать сообщение.


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Israel_Figueroa profile picture Israel_FigueroaOctober 2012
Español nativo, interested in practice my english.
Abducido profile picture AbducidoOctober 2012
alguien para practicar ingles?
alexislopez profile picture alexislopezApril 2013
somone to practice English, speaking and grammar. I can help with Spanish
AllanCortez profile picture AllanCortezAugust 2016

Hello, I'm learning English, my level is no longer a rookie, I need improve my English with someone who wants to help me, I'm a native from Chilean and I would like to practice English with someone native England or north america, I could teach Latin Spanish, I think I would do well.