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bhmed profile picture bhmedOctober 2018
انا محمد من الجزائر اريد تعلم الإنجليزية
michael_ku2 profile picture michael_ku2July 2018
Hello everyone! My name is Igor and I'm from Ukraine. I would be glad to find somebody who can help me with my English and teach me French. Also I can say that Canada is such a lovely country with good and sympathetic people. I wish to live there someday. I would be happy to meet new friends)
Flora0207 profile picture Flora0207August 2013
Hi , I am a Chinese girl from shanghai. Love Canada. I will come here in one year. Can you chat with me and improve my English?
  • Fatemakareem profile picture FatemakareemOctober 2013
    Hi Flora, Canada is a very beautiful country, you will love it. What part of Canada are you going to visit?
ELIZABETH_007 profile picture ELIZABETH_007December 2017
Hello! My name is Liza, I am from Russia, and I'd really like to learn French and practise my English. I am 14, so I'd like to find somebody close to my age Write me, I will be glad to have new friends!
Saleh124 profile picture Saleh124July 2017
Imneid spiek englesh
Kasmi profile picture KasmiJune 2017
Hello My name is Omar from Morocco I would like to learn English and I am looking for someone who teaches me English and I know Arabic and thank you