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nerdette profile picture nerdetteJuly 2012
Hi! I would like to learn French and/or Cantonese in exchange for English. Anyone willing to trade?
  • nerdette profile picture nerdetteAugust 2012
    Hi Tommy, I'm a fluent English speaker so if you'd like to practise, I'm here to help.
  • t0mmy_li profile picture t0mmy_liAugust 2012
    hey everybody, I want to train my oral english.I can teach chinese mandarin& cantonese.
  • Revjim profile picture RevjimJuly 2012
    I teach English, so I need no help with that, but I may be able to help you with French. You may want, however, a more diverse cultural background; I am a Canadian.
Revjim profile picture RevjimJuly 2012
This is the day that the Lortd hath made; we shall rejoice and be glad in it!
jaimin83 profile picture jaimin83June 2012
trying to find someone who can teach me russian, i can help in learning english..