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To Language Enthusiasts
I'm Frank S and I would like to invite you come to Montréal this summer and take part in North American Polyglot Symposium.
Bonjour, je suis Frank S et j'aimerais vous invité à venir à Montréal cet été et participer à notre symposium.
It will be a mix of academic presentations and language workshops. The symposium will be held on July 23rd-24th however there are lots of activities will before and after the symposium.
Steve Kaufmann, Benny Lewis, Jimmy Mello, Susanna Zaraysky, Olly Richards and many other renown polyglots coming to meet with you in Montreal on July 23-24th, 2016.
North American Polyglot Symposium
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Applicable discounts where applicable.
Student ID or other proof of eligibility will be required on day of symposium.
20% discount for - Students, Aiesec members, members of language clubs or language schools and seniors.
Choose the applicable discount category when you purchase your ticket: If you have any issue please reach out to us.
    June 2016
hurley profile picture hurley   
hello everybody, i wanna improve my english if anybody can help me i will be pleased
thak you...
    May 2016
Revjim profile picture Revjim   
Back home from Romania; what a wonderful time!
    October 2012
  • Julia_Vasina profile picture Julia_Vasina   
    Is it a beautiful country? I've never been there
      November 2012
Rusa-12345 profile picture Rusa-12345   
hey everyone! I'm am trying to learn Serbian and would appreciate anyones help, and I can teach english, thanks!
    October 2012
Rusa-12345 profile picture Rusa-12345   
Looking for someone to help me learn Serbian, even if its just the basics, and I can teach english.
    August 2012
  • Revjim profile picture Revjim   
    Kako sie? Dobre...That's about as much as I know! Haha
      September 2012
ConnorMacLeodFarley profile picture ConnorMacLeodFarley   
Hello, I am looking for someone to speak with in Portuguese (I know almost nothing, but want to immerse myself and force myself to learn.)

I can help others practice english in exchange.
    September 2012