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nhung_hoan profile picture nhung_hoanFebruary 2019
Hi, I am Hannah, Vietnamese but currently living in Australia. I am looking for someone who can help me in speaking English. I can communicate in English but not in a proper way. I can help with Vietnamese and introduce you with some beautiful places in Vietnam if you are interested in travelling to Vietnam. Thank you
Nubaidaaaas profile picture Nubaidaaaas지난 달

Hi i'm in Australia, NSW, Sydney. I really want to learn Arabic, many websites are very ineffficient and do not make me fluent. I know the Arabic alphabet pretty well so vocabluary is pretty much what I need. I will teach you English in exchange of Arabic.

Cryptophis profile picture CryptophisDecember 2020
My name is Theo, and I live in Australia. I am looking for someone to teach me Japanese in return for English lessons.
synchronicity profile picture synchronicityJuly 2019
I have just started a language learning channel on youtube called "language dropout". I will share my advice and methods for learning languages (what has worked and sometimes what hasn't worked).
deena_red profile picture deena_redAugust 2018

Hi I am Dina from Australia looking to exchane with anyone who speaks Spanish.  I have written compositions in spanish at intermediate level in spanish about Australia. I am looking to exchange English for Spanish.

andytrans profile picture andytransMay 2017
Hi. I'm Andy, based in Albany, WA. I'm a native speaker of English but studying Italian at university (third year). I'd love to practice Italian, or to chat in German or Norwegian in exchange for English chat.
fb_1484631211 profile picture fb_1484631211January 2017
Hi I'm Christopher - I'm from London, but I live here in sunny Perth! I would love to learn Portuguese as I eventually want to travel to Brazil. I can help you with your English if you can help me with your Portuguese!