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Cryptophis profile picture CryptophisDecember 2020
My name is Theo, and I live in Australia. I am looking for someone to teach me Japanese in return for English lessons.
synchronicity profile picture synchronicityJuly 2019
I have just started a language learning channel on youtube called "language dropout". I will share my advice and methods for learning languages (what has worked and sometimes what hasn't worked).
nhung_hoan profile picture nhung_hoanFebruary 2019
Hi, I am Hannah, Vietnamese but currently living in Australia. I am looking for someone who can help me in speaking English. I can communicate in English but not in a proper way. I can help with Vietnamese and introduce you with some beautiful places in Vietnam if you are interested in travelling to Vietnam. Thank you
deena_red profile picture deena_redAugust 2018

Hi I am Dina from Australia looking to exchane with anyone who speaks Spanish.  I have written compositions in spanish at intermediate level in spanish about Australia. I am looking to exchange English for Spanish.

andytrans profile picture andytransMay 2017
Hi. I'm Andy, based in Albany, WA. I'm a native speaker of English but studying Italian at university (third year). I'd love to practice Italian, or to chat in German or Norwegian in exchange for English chat.
fb_1484631211 profile picture fb_1484631211January 2017
Hi I'm Christopher - I'm from London, but I live here in sunny Perth! I would love to learn Portuguese as I eventually want to travel to Brazil. I can help you with your English if you can help me with your Portuguese!
jay_chow profile picture jay_chowSeptember 2016
hi guys.I am Jay Chow from Hong Kong, I have been learning English for one and half year in Western Australia.Perth is a beautiful place which allow me to search my potential and study in a English environment. I am looking for someone who wants to exchange language with English and Cantonese . I am fluently of specking, writing and listening Chinese.
bellabeach7 profile picture bellabeach7May 2016
Hi guys, I'm Bella from Indonesia and been in Australia since I got my working holiday visa. Love it here. I live in Perth. Love to travel, make friends and...eating chocolates? Well um, will love to know any of you guys who can do language exchange with me? My priority is spanish but I love to learn french too. If you guys want to learn Indonesian or practice english together with me also would be nice. Thanks and have a good day!
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