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Salaamaalikum Polyglots!😊

Wolof is a language spoken in Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania. It's the native language of the Wolof people.

In this lesson you will find some basic phrases and some videos.

Feel free to complete this wiki page and make it your own!

If you are a native Wolof speaker and you can provide recordings, you can help improve this lesson.

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Useful phrases[edit | edit source]

English Wolof Audio
Do you speak English? Ndax dégg nga angale?
Do you speak Wolof? Deg nga Wolof?
Do you understand? Dégg nga?
Excuse me Baal ma!
Good afternoon Ngoonu jàmm
Good evening Naka ngon si
Good morning Jaam nga fanane
Good night Nu fanaan jàmm
Goodbye Ba beneen
Have a good trip Yônu jàam
Have a nice day Yendu ak jàam
Have a nice meal Naci jàam bari
Hello Salaamaalikum
How are you? Jaam nga am? (Have you peace?)
How do you say ... in Wolof? Naka lanuy waxee lii ci wolof?
How much is this? Ñaata lay jar?
How old are you? Ñaata at nga am?
I am _ years old Am naa _years at
I am fine Maa ngi sant
I am pleased to meet you Bég naa ci xame gi
I am sick Damaa wopp
I don't know Xamu mako
I don't understand Dégguma
I understand / I do not understand Nànd naa/ Nàndu ma
I'm from ... Maa ngi joge ...
Long time no see Gej na la giis
May I have _? Ndax mën naa am _?
My name is ... Maa ngi tudd ...
No Déedéet
Please La neexee
please (asking for something) Baal ma (wax ci mbir)
please (offering something) Baal ma (maye mbir)
Please say that again Ndax mën nga ko waxaat su la neexee?
Please speak more slowly Ndax mën nga wax ndànk su la neexee?
Please write it down Ndax mën nga ko bind su la neexee?
Pleased to meet you Am nàa mbekte ci guiss la
Reply to 'How are you?' Jaam rek, Yow nag? (Peace only, and you?)
See you later Ba ci kanam
Small talk Translation
Sorry Baal ma
Thank you Jai-rruh-jef
Wait Négal
Welcome Merhbe
What are your hobbies? Lu la gën a yittéel?
What do you do for a living? Looy liggéey?
What is this / that? Lii / lee lan la?
What's your name? Naka-nga sant?
Where are you from? Fan nga joge?
Where is the restroom? Ana wanag wi?
Where's the toilet / bathroom? Ana wanaag wi?
Yes Waaw
you’re welcome Noo ko bokk

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