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Past Participle in Swedish
Past Participle in Swedish

Hello everybody,

In today's lesson you will learn how to use the ¨PAST PARTICIPLE¨ in Swedish

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Happy learning ! :)

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Past Participle in Swedish[edit | edit source]





I have loved Jag har älskat yoh hahr ehls keht Eu amei
You have loved Du har älskat dou hahr ehls keht Você amou
He has loved Han har älskat hahn hahr ehls keht Ele amou
We have loved Vi har älskat vih hahr ehls keht Nós amamos
You have loved Ni har älskat nih hahr ehls keht Vocês amaram
They have loved De har älskat dohn hahr ehls keht Eles amaram
I have spoken Jag har talat yoh hahr toh loht Eu falei
You have spoken Du har talat dou hahr toh loht Você falou
He has spoken Han har talat hahn hahr toh loht Ele falou
We has spoken Vi har talat vih hahr toh loht Nós falamos
You have spoken Ni har talat nih hahr toh loht Vocês falaram
They have spoken De har talat dohn hahr toh loht Eles falaram
I have slept Jag har sovit yoh hahr sou oh viht Eu dormi
You have slept Du har sovit dou hahr sou oh viht Você dormiu
He has slept Han har sovit hahn hahr sou oh viht Ele dormiu
We have slept Vi har sovit vih hahr sou oh viht Nós dormimos
You have slept Ni har sovit nih hahr sou oh viht Vocês dormiram
They have slept De har sovit dohn hahr sou oh viht Eles dormiram
I have opened Jag har öppnat yoh hahr erp naht Eu abri
You have opened Du har öppnat dou hahr erp naht Você abriu
He has opened Han har öppnat hahn hahr erp naht Ele abriu
We have opened Vi har öppnat vih hahr erp naht Nós abrimos
You have opened Ni har öppnat nih hahr erp naht Vocês abriram
They have opened De har öppnat dohn hahr erp naht Eles abriram

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