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Russian Vocabulary - At the shop

In this lesson you will know how to buy things in russian stores, how to ask the price and also you will learn names of some common goods in a shop.

Let's get started! 😀

If you are in a big store you have no need to ask price from the seller. You can just pay for all at the store's checkout. You don’t need either to know russian numbers. The seller just show you the cost of the entire purchase on the device and you pay.

However, in a small shops you need to know something to make shopping. First of all, you must know what are the items called in Russian.

Grocery Store[edit | edit source]

I don't know exactly what will you buy, but the common food products are:

English Russian Russian (transliteration)
bread хлеб khlep
water вода́ wa'da
milk молоко́ mala'ko
juice сок sok
meal мя́со 'mjasa
chicken ку́рица 'kuritsa
eggs яйца́ 'jaytsa
solt соль sol'
sugar са́хар 'sakhar
pepper пе́рец 'perets
chocolate шокола́д shaka'lat
cheese сыр cyir
sausages соси́ски sa'siski

Examples[edit | edit source]

Now you can ask seller to give you (for example) some water:

  • Give me a water, please - 'Dayte po'jaluysta 'vodu.

Where 'dayte - give me; po'jaluysta - please, 'vodu - Accusative case of water.

  • Give me a chicken, please - 'Dayte po'jaluysta 'kuritsu.

Where 'dayte - give me; po'jaluysta - please, 'kuritsu - Accusative case of 'kuritsa (chicken).

In other sentenses with these words no need to change anything:

  • Give me some bread, please - 'Dayte po'jaluysta khlep.
  • Give me some milk, please - 'Dayte po'jaluysta mala'ko.

And so on. Hope it was helpful!

See you again!

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