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Monday: segunda-feira Tuesday: terça-feira Wednesday: quarta-feira Thursday: quinta-feira Friday: sexta-feira Saturday: sábado Sunday: domingo

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Days of the week (Dias da semana)[edit | edit source]

The days in portuguese are very simple.

There should only be a certain care in writing because in Portuguese words have gender (masculine and feminine).

Masculine days (Dias masculinos)[edit | edit source]

  • Sunday (Domingo)
  • Saturday (Sábado)

Feminine days (Dias femininos)[edit | edit source]

  • Monday (Segunda)
  • Tuesday (Terça)
  • Wednesday (Quarta)
  • Thursday (Quinta)
  • Friday (Sexta)

For example, the writing in English "The saturday", translated into Portuguese would be "o sábado".

You can not put "A sábado", this way is wrong, the correct one would be "O sábado" with the definite article "O" to represent male when writing in Portuguese.

Likewise occurs with the definite article "A" that is used to represent female. For example, writing in English would be "The monday", translated into Portuguese would be "A segunda". You can not put the definite article "O" because "monday" is a feminine word.

Therefore it is very important to pay attention at the time of writing not to confuse the articles. Unlike English, where most words have no definite gender.

Day in English Dias em Português Gender
Sunday Domingo Masculine
Monday Segunda or Segunda-feira Feminine
Tuesday Terça or Terça-feira Feminine
Wednesday Quarta or Quarta-feira Feminine
Thursday Quinta or Quinta-feira Feminine
Friday Sexta or Sexta-feira Feminine
Saturday Sábado Masculine

Examples using the days of the week (Exemplos usando os dias da semana)[edit | edit source]

  • Tomorrow is not sunday!

Amanhã não é domingo!

  • Today is monday!

Hoje é segunda.

  • See you on tuesday

Vejo você na terça

  • Why not wednesday?

Por que não quarta?

  • Thursday is a day of the week.

Quinta é um dia da semana.

  • I like friday.

Eu gosto da sexta.

  • The food is for saturday

A comida é para o sábado.

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