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In French there are two ways to talk about something that will happen: Le Futur Proche (near future) and Le Futur (the future).

LE FUTUR PROCHE[edit | edit source]

It only requires to conjugate the verb aller (to go) in the present tense. It involves using the correct conjugation of aller + an infinitive (unconjugated verb).

  • On va regarder la télé ce soir = We are going to watch TV tonight

LE FUTUR[edit | edit source]

The future is used to talk about more distant future events. Its English equivalent is “I will ______.” Le futur involves using the infinitive and then adding the correct ending.

The endings of the future tense (with the regular verb marcher (to walk) are:

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • je marcherai = I will walk
  • tu marcheras = you will walk
  • il/elle/on marchera = he/she/it will walk
  • nous marcherons = we will walk
  • vous marcherez = you will walk
  • ils/elles marcheront = they will walk

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