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Questions in Pashto

سلام Pashto Learners! 😃

➡ In today's lesson you will learn how to ask questions in the Pashto language.

Happy learning!

poxtena پوښتنه - questions[edit | edit source]

English (Pashto) پښتو
Who? tsook څوک ؟
Which? koom کوم ؟
What? tsə څه ؟
How? tsanga څنګه ؟
How much/many? tso څو ؟

tsoomra څومره ؟

Where? چيرې ؟

چيرته ؟

When? kela کله ؟
Why? ولې ؟
Because zeka ځکه
the answer, reply zewab ځواب

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