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AfghjahbsjjdndmdnxnV profile picture AfghjahbsjjdndmdnxnVAugust 2020

Hi, I am Mohammad Saleem from Afghanistan. I speak Persian very well. I am currently live in turkey and I speak Turkish very well. I want to be fluent in English, can you help me? thank you.

HAZEMEZZAT profile picture HAZEMEZZATAugust 2018
hey everyone, i'm hazem from egypt and i speak arabic very well , i want to be fluent in english , can you help me ?
JackyEC profile picture JackyECFebruary 2020

Hi, I am Jackie. I am fluent in English and Spanish. I am currently a freshman in college and I'm taking Mandarin and Arabic at the same time, Anyone willing to help?

  • donia_elme profile picture donia_elmeMay 2020
    I’m willing to help with Arabic. I’am from Egypt so the dialects are a bit different in other countries and cities. Let me know if you are down exchange for Spanish.
hshadowh profile picture hshadowhApril 2020
Hello, I'm looking for someone fluent in Spanish to help me learn Spanish. In return, I'm more than happy to practice English with you. Be aware I'm in the very beginner stage, and please be patient with me (I will do the same).
makhlouf_b profile picture makhlouf_bMay 2019

hey everyone . i'm makhlouf from algeria i want speak english with somehome

AndreaFga profile picture AndreaFgaAugust 2018
Hey everybody, I'm from Colombia, I'm living in New York, I'm studying English and I want to improve my language I can help you with your Spanish.