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makhlouf_b profile picture makhlouf_bMay 2019

hey everyone . i'm makhlouf from algeria i want speak english with somehome

HAZEMEZZAT profile picture HAZEMEZZATAugust 2018
hey everyone, i'm hazem from egypt and i speak arabic very well , i want to be fluent in english , can you help me ?
AndreaFga profile picture AndreaFgaAugust 2018
Hey everybody, I'm from Colombia, I'm living in New York, I'm studying English and I want to improve my language I can help you with your Spanish.
CmSA profile picture CmSAMay 2016
Hello everyone, I'm from Spain (native) and I'm living in NY, I'm studying Russian language and I would like to improve my level,
Can you help me please? I can help you with Spanish and English languages.

Hola a todos, soy de España y estoy viviendo en NY, Estoy estudiando Ruso y me gustaria mejorar mi nivel,
Podeis ayudarme? Yo puedo ayudar con Espanol e Ingles
  • miguel27 profile picture miguel27August 2016
    There is a small Russian event in Manhattan on Thursday nights at the Panera Bread cafe in Midtown Manhattan on 5 Ave near the Empire state building, they start at 8:30 PM
blazart profile picture blazartSeptember 2016
Hi everybody, I'm native speaker in spanish and I want to improve my English. There is someone to practice here?
filo85 profile picture filo85August 2013
Hello to everybody, I'm italian, i would like to improve my english for teach italian. If you are interested send me an e-mail.
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