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Welkom bij het South Yorkshire Polyglot netwerk!

Hello, bonjour, hola, konnichi wa, dobry den, salaam aleekum.......!

I'm Karen and I'm the new Sheffield admin.

I'm going to be organising a Polyglot evening here in Sheffield very soon - hopefully beginning in March.  I'll let you know the evening and venue as soon as possible.

To tell you a little about me, I'm a mature part-time student at the University of Sheffield, and have almost finished my degree in French.  I also have A-level Spanish and the odd word (and I mean the odd word!) in Russian, German and Italian.

I found Polyglot last year on my year abroad in Paris, where I went to meetings for a few months. I found it to be a fantastic way of practising my language skills, making friends and learning about new cultures.  I hope to bring a little of what I enjoyed there back to my home town.

I really hope that Polyglot will be a success here as it is around the world. Keep an eye on this site for details of our weekly meeting and I look forward to meeting lots of you soon!


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