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Welcome to United Kingdom Polyglot Network!

We have many members, please expand your network, practice the language, or find friends to talk with.

We are having (almost) monthly meetings in City of London. Please check just below comment wall or City of London page for the latest meetup if you are interested in it. Also feel free to contact us should you have any question, opinion!

Kosichka2013 profile picture Kosichka2013June 2013
Hi! I would like to improve my English I can teach you Russian! Pliz help me
jessicacosta profile picture jessicacostaOctober 2013
hello !! we would like to learn some English and beside that we can teach some Brazilian Portuguese !
JavierMadrid profile picture JavierMadridJuly 2013
Hello! I'm Spanish and I'd like to improve my English. I could help you with your Spanish in exchange. If there's someone interested it would be great! have a good day. Regards
  • lisadaly34 profile picture lisadaly34October 2013
    I would love to help and I really need to improve my spanish! My name is Lisa by the way
Pelocho profile picture PelochoJanuary 2014
Hi friend:
My name is Fernando I'm Spanish and I am looking people for english conversations. I can to learn you spanish if you're interested. I work at the airspace sector and I have 42 years old. My Skype is fer28021. Thanks to everybody