London - เครื่อข่ายผู้ใช้ภาษานานาชาติ

ยินดีต้อนรับสู่ London โพลีก็อต เนทเวิร์ค!
alfred_cha profile picture alfred_chaOctober 2018

Hi, I am living in London for weeks. I'm just here to live in immersion & to practice english language ! So if you want to learn a little bit french language and share with me some english conversation, it will be a pleasure !
PatriciaW profile picture PatriciaWNovember 2018
Hi, I'll be in London the weekend of 1rst December. Is there any polyglot's events in London ? If opporunity to meet people who want to talk english / french : let me know.
bickytoria profile picture bickytoriaSeptember 2013
For those wanting to practise their ENGLISH or maybe even their Spanish and French, come to our next Polyglot event! Next Wednesday at 8pm. Everyone is welcome!