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christina_2 profile picture christina_2September 2016

My name is Christina, i read about you in this site and i decide to contact you for
friendship, please reply to my email address
(christina_2christina_2 profile picture) so that i can tell you
more about me, i believe we can make good friends, let distance not be a barrier but
lets love connect, because love is a bridge connect far
distance to be close
MargaMarga profile picture MargaMargaSeptember 2016
Hej, jag vill förbättra min svenska, jag kan lära portugisiska
catarinapg profile picture catarinapgAugust 2016
I want improve my English, I can teach Portuguese!
Rt072013 profile picture Rt072013September 2013
Hello everybody wants the meet in Lisboa
Tupiniquim profile picture TupiniquimDecember 2012
Olá! Gosto muito da cultura portuguesa e seria ótimo aprimorar meus conhecimentos sobre ela. Sou do Brasil
5erena profile picture 5erenaDecember 2012
Hello guys, I'm an Italian girl and so i can teach italian! I would like to improuve my english/french/portuguese. Who can help me? Thanks
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