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Hi to every body

Its very nice that we have a network form Polyglot Network to interact with each other to improve our language expertise. I welcome all previous as well as newly joined members.





  • Admore profile picture AdmoreJuly 2012
    Yes, I want to creat a new language exchange meeting in Pakistan. Contact me.
china-cs profile picture china-csFebruary 2010

hi! i am come from chinese i can teach chinese ,i want to learn english and Become Friends !my msn is china-cschina-cs profile picture

khanfazal profile picture khanfazalApril 2010

Salam and Hello everyone,

few days ago one of my best friend asked me to use Polyglot Club, I  can see its very useful and very interesting site where we can exchagne languages with others.

I want to learn chinese, Arabice and Italian language and in exchanges i am able to teach pashtu, urdu, punjabi and English.

tc allz


my id is khanfazal and on msn is fazal.khan

vincent profile picture vincentMarch 2008

Thanks for the Pakistan Network presentation manwar

best regards,


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