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Hi to every body

Its very nice that we have a network form Polyglot Network to interact with each other to improve our language expertise. I welcome all previous as well as newly joined members.





Admore profile picture AdmoreJuly 2012
I want to create a new language exchange meeting in Pakistan.
I can help in English, Esperanto, Punjabi, Turkish and Urdu

adeelhashmi145 profile picture adeelhashmi145July 2016
Hi Guys,
My name is Muhammad Adeel Hashmi, You can call me Adie. I am an aspiring Polyglot . I can speak english, urdu , pashto and hindi. I can understand arabic and persian. I am learning polish , arabic , and spanish.
All are invited.
DonSalvador profile picture DonSalvadorMay 2011

  HI folk,

my name is Salvatore and I am from Italy. I can teach my mother tongue language or spanish and I am interested in learning Urdu and Pusthu. Actually i live in Islamabad.

Thank you 

Khuda office



  • engrkhan profile picture engrkhanFebruary 2013
    sure you will meet a good teacher for urdu and pushtu and hope you will learn . Khuda Hafiz
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