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Sick and tired of the creepsters and catfishers lurking around every corner of the interwebs? Well, consider your prayers answered my friend - ’cause I, Yon, a.k.a. the Lord of Words, have arrived!--- Yes, you heard that right - I’m a master of manipulating language to make people do things! (Don’t worry, it’s all legal. Mostly.) But don’t take my word for it - give me a shot and see for yourself.---- Now, let me make one thing crystal clear - I can’t stand small talk or sketchy comments. Nope, I’m all about development, good manners, empathy, and fun! You know, like those epic book clubs where everyone eventually forgets about the book and just ends up having a great time gossiping over wine and cheese? That’s my jam.--- But hey, enough about me - you’re probably itching to know my backstory, aren’t you? Well get ready to have your mind blown. I’ve been a language enthusiast practically since the womb, but my interpreting skills took off at just five years old. My baby sis was babbling like a tiny boss, but our mom couldn’t understand a word she was saying. Me, being the genius ”Lord of Words”, stepped in and basically saved the day by translating (or interpreting, if you want to get technical) my sis’s garbled speech. Mom was happy, sis was happy, and yours truly got his first taste of linguistic fame.---- As I grew older, my love for different languages only intensified. I studied languages like there was no tomorrow and even hung out with foreigners just to see the world from different perspectives. Yup, that’s how extra I am. ---- So, if I happen to drop you a line (including a casual ”hi”), know that it’s because I find your profile interesting and can’t wait to hear your story! Let’s bond over our mutual love for correct grammar and good vibes.

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