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About meI am too smart for this website, but here I am. If I happen to write to you, that’s because your profile has impressed me. And I am very difficult to impress. Thanks for looking at my profile. If your language is one of the languages I am learning, please add me. I would help you with Albanian, English or any other language as much as possible. You can’t enjoy learning languages without meaningful conversations. So if you want to practice our common languages in the best way possible, contact me because I can talk about many things and am open to considering new ideas. This will make the entire experience much more pleasurable since learning a language is already tiresome. :) I am too smart to use Instagram or Telegram so although I know you love to talk to me, I don’t use these platforms/services. I will be glad to share my Viber or Whatsapp if I think you are worthy of my time. One last thing: I consider talking to you as a privilege, so I want you to consider talking with me as a privilege, too. For this reason, I tend to reply quickly. And this is how I show respect and appreciation for you. If it takes you forever to reply, then I’ll have to stop replying forever. I am honest, sincere, straightforward, and smart, but never dumb enough to be taken for granted.

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