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Tired of scammers and perverts? Maybe you are wondering whether there are smart and polite people on this website. Well, today is your lucky day... /inspirational music playing in the background/ Hi, I am Yon, a.k.a. Lord of Words - as some people like to call me because of my ability to use words to make people do things. I, too, hate small talk, pervy comments, and anything that is not even remotely related to development, politeness, understanding and having a great time. If you are like me, you likely love hearing stories, so here is one of mine: I was 5 when I did my first interpreting (translation) ’gig’. My two-year-old sister was starting to babble words but mom couldn’t understand what she was saying. The words were not pronounced clearly and I could notice that mom was frustrated because she couldn’t understand what my tiny sister was saying, and my sister was surely even more frustrated because no matter how much she was trying, she couldn’t get the message across. Seeing this scene, I tried to ’translate’ (technical term is ’interpret’) what my tiny sister was saying so that mom could get it. And I did a pretty good job. Both were happy. And this lasted for a few months until things started to become clear for both ’parties’ - mom and sister. The satisfaction of helping out and being praised for my ability made me pretty proud of myself. Fast forward many years later, I’d find myself studying languages like there was no tomorrow and talking to foreigners so that I could view the world from a lot of perspectives. And that is how I got into languages. If I happen to write to you (including ’hi’), that’s because I find your profile interesting in some way. So, what’s your story?

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