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WHo am I...A chips eater, a beer drinker ,a Ch’ti, a froggie from the north of Froggieland.I love England, Scotland ,British humour , music and British pubs.Love men in kilts ! ’Friendship is love without wings’ Lord Byron . If you pass by Lille I’ll be glad to share a pint or 2 ;-) ...If you want to know a froggie ,don’t hesitate ,drop me a line! ;-). By the way, I’m in a wheelchair. If you are an English native speaker from the UK and Ireland, I’ll be glad to improve my English with you and help you with French. I would prefer to talk with people around my age (I’m 53 years old) ,more in common I guess :-) Cheers! Slante ! Slainte ! Rugby world cup 2023 in Lille, if you’ll go there ,let me know, my sis and I will be happy to cheer with you in Lille after matches ! yeahhhh !

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