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Ridwan profile picture RidwanDecember 2012
Hi I want to know about malta and its people as i have never met any one from malta.

can any one tell me about it
  • Qrendi profile picture QrendiJuly 2013
    We became Christians when St. Paul was shipwrecked on our island. It is well documented in the Chrisitan bible. In WW II the Germans made our country the most bombed place in the world but they did not win it.
  • Qrendi profile picture QrendiJuly 2013
    We speak Maltese which is Phoenician from the people who came and inhabited our island 3000 years ago. We still speak it and over the millenia we used the language as a weapon agaist the invador. The romans were in our country for 1000 years but because we refused tospeak Latin, we became the only barbarians,non latin speakers to be full Romman Citiznns and the Romas could not marry us so we survvived. So too under 150 years of Arab serfdom we refused to mix and while the language became Arabised the population survived withour culture and religion intact.
kouete profile picture koueteOctober 2012
Une chance de pratiquer ...
dim-dim profile picture dim-dimAugust 2012


Hello, I can help you with English and Russian ( I'm a native Russian speaker). Besides, I suggest culture exchange. You can find me here